My Little Pony Collection 12 Piece Nail Polish

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My Little Pony Collection 12 Piece Nail Polish
China Glaze, 12 Bottles 0.5 oz each My Little Pony Collection (Display not included)
  • Made in the U.S.A. 
  • Applejack Of My Eye (Fun Loving Red Orange Creme)
  • Cutie Mark The Spot (Harmonious Pistachio Mint Creme) 
  • Hay Girl Hay! (Celestial Holographic Glitter)
  • I Just Canterlot (Glamorous Violet Glitter)
  • I Sea Ponies (Magical Silver Holographic Chrome) 
  • Kill 'Em with Kindness (Whimsical Soft Yellow Creme) 
  • Let Your Twlight Sparkle (Purple Holographic Glitter) 
  • One Polished Pony (Dashing Turquoise Frost)
  • She's A Mane-iac(Hot Pink Satin)
  • Sweet As Pinkie Pie (Bubbly Pastel Pink Creme) 
  • Too Busy Being Awesome (Charming Cerulean Blue Creme) 
  • Where's The Party Canon At? (Sparkling Fuchsia Glitter) 
  • Formulated with hardeners to make polish last longer
  • Does not thicken
  • Professional 440-strand brush for great application
  • Free of DBP / Toluene and added Formaldehyde
  • Color rich hues ensure long lasting coverage
  • Rapid Drying, High-Gloss Finish
  • No Chipping or Peeling
  • Specially Designed Bottle for Comfort and Accurate Application
  • Our color experts watch the runways so you are always in fashion