Pin Secret Magnetic Bobby Pin Dispenser - Includes 120 of our Premium 2" BROWN Geta-Grip Bobby Pins

Sun's Out Beauty

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 Can't find your bobby pins? Are they always disappearing, never to be seen again? Sun's Out Beauty has the PERFECT solution. While we can't fix the problem of the sacrificial sock to the dryer gods, we can help you keep track of your vanishing bobby pins. That's why we invented PIN SECRET!

Sun's Out Beauty's Pin Secret is a unique Magnetic Bobby Pin Dispenser/Holder/Retriever that keeps your bobby pins tidy and ready for use at a moment's notice. Just give it a quick shake and our premium quality 2" bobby pins will pop up through the magnetic opening, making it a breeze to access your bobby pins. Pin Secret also provides a convenient, no mess, no fuss storage place for your bobby pins. What's more, its magnetic top can quickly scoop up any stray pins from your countertop, floor or even the bottom of your purse.

  • Pre-loaded with 120 of our high-quality Geta-Grip 2" bobby pins - you're gonna love 'em.
  • Powerful molybdenum magnet will not rust and captures/presents your bobby pins in its opening without spillage - even when the bottle is held upside down.
  • Top can be unscrewed to re-insert bobby pins back into the bottle after use and makes it a snap to refill with new bobby pins as needed.
  • Minimizes lost bobby pins due to the spill-proof housing and easy magnetic collection of dropped pins - even ones you can't see.
  • Made from tough, long-lasting ABS plastic so your Pin Secret will serve you faithfully for years to come.
  • Especially handy for those times when you have only one free hand available.
  • Perfect travel companion. Its small size and spill-proof features make it ideal for those trips across town or around the world.
  • A must-have for weddings, beauty pageants and professional hair stylists.

You'll be amazed at how easy Pin Secret is to use and wonder "why has no one ever thought of this before". Now that we've shared our SECRET, give it a try!