Premium Replacement Hot Roller Clips - Curler Clips (8 count)

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WHITE - 5/8"
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Premium Replacement Hot Roller Clips - Curler Clips (8 count)

The Sun’s Out Beauty unique hot roller clips - curler clips sizing system is designed to save you time, money and frustration. Try one or both of our assorted sizes sets to determine the correct size(s) of clips YOU need. After first purchasing one of the assorted sizes pack, come back and simply order your color-coded tips individually in our convenient 8-count package. You get more of what you need and ONLY what you need going forward. While our hot roller clips cannot fit every electric hair curler or hot roller out there, we have designed two specific assorted clips collections (Regular & Jumbo) that will fit the majority of today's most popular hot roller sets, as well as many sizes found in the more venerable brands.

- Each individual package contains 8 clips of one specific size/color.
- Every clip is manufactured using high-quality spring steel that is flexible yet retains its shape.
- Our clips are anodized in a golden color to protect the metal and because, well, they look cool.
- Our world-class clips are hand-dipped in our proprietary polymer to ensure long-lasting, comfortable tips.

* Please note, a restocking fee will apply to any open and/or damaged returns.